Stacey Pearson – President, Gregg’s younger brother, Co-Founder

Stacey is the President of the Gregg Pearson Foundation and assists the foundation in several ways. Stacey directs the Executive Board and oversees the daily direction of the GPF along with his sister Leslie. Stacey also focuses on fundraising, event planning, and the ministry of the GPF.

Stacey is also president of Pearson Air, an air conditioning contractor in Dallas/Fort Worth and leverages the two organizations to help both succeed. Stacey’s passion is benevolence and sharing the love of Christ with those he is connected with thru the Foundation or Pearson Air.

Stacey is deeply committed to his wife Paige and his 3 kids, Parker, Emaline and Bowden. Stacey’s family is daily sharing the message and vision of the Foundation through their actions and daily lives.

Holly Davis – Vice President

Holly is the Owner and Event Coordinator for the Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment Sale in Grapevine, Texas. Holly is also a teacher at The Hills Church Preschool in Southlake, Texas.

Holly has a passion of the Gregg Pearson Foundation. According to Holly, “I am not a big reader, TV or movie person unless it is a story about “real life”. I love that the Foundation is just that, real life. I have always had a passion for helping and trying to make situations or things better. Being apart of the Foundation gives me an opportunity to be involved in something that fits who I am. I also love that it is a local Foundation where we can be more connected and involved.”

“It is blessing in many ways to read through the requests that are submitted. We are all people doing life. Seasons come and go and people change but helping and loving others really is what matters and makes a difference. I am reminded of that over and over.”

Holly is married to Carter Davis and they have 4 children. The Davis family stays active in their church, school, work and kid’s activities.

Randall Crimmings – Treasurer

Randall Crimmings is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and works for Clintsman Financial Planning in Southlake, Texas.

Randall has been on the board of the Gregg Pearson Foundation since 2010 and has a passion for the Foundation. According to Randall, “What drew me to the Gregg Pearson Foundation was the impact the Foundation had on people financially, spiritually, and emotionally. There are a lot of Foundations out there that will cut you a check. However, there are very few that will pray with you and also support you emotionally.”

Randall is married to his wife Allison. They have 2 daughters and attend The Hills Church in Southlake.

Leslie Carruthers – Secretary, Gregg’s younger sister, Co-Founder

Leslie started the Gregg Pearson Foundation with her brother, Stacey after losing her older brother Gregg to brain cancer. Leslie is  currently the Office Manager at Pearson Air.

Leslie has a passion for helping others. According to Leslie, “I love helping others who are suffering from cancer and other acute illnesses. Seeing a loved one sick is an extremely hard situation, so being able to help and give to a stranger or someone hurting is a huge blessing for me. It brings such joy to help someone pay a bill or buy groceries they were wondering how they might afford.”

Leslie is married to her husband Greg and they have two children, Cole and Cassidie.

Donny Vaughn – Marketing & Advertising

Donny is currently the Solutions Director at 1429 Creative agency based in Fort Worth. He works alongside his twin brother and is one half of “The Marketing Twins”.

Donny enjoys helping others who might not always have the ability to help themselves. According to Donny, “I’m drawn to the Gregg Pearson Foundation because I know the Pearson family and I love how they created this organization to honor one of their own. I did not know Gregg personally but I know him well enough to know that he was a special guy. I love how the Foundation helps not only with financial needs but also with spiritual and emotional support.”

Donny is married to his wife Kendra and they have 3 boys. Donny and his family attend The Hills Church campus in Southlake, Texas.

  • Mikel Faulkner, Southlake, TX
  • Jamie Cheatham – Abilene, TX
  • Mitch Wilburn – Tulsa, OK
  • Art Hobbs – Plano, TX
  • Dana Wright – Houston, TX
  • Lane & Kelli Ladewig – Trophy Club, TX
  • Ryan & Angiel Merriman – Austin, TX
  • Clint & Alyssa O’Rear – Keller, TX
  • Bret Martin – Southlake, TX
  • Kirk Wade – Abilene, TX
  • Jim & Linda Pearson – Trophy Club, TX
  • Natalie Aten – Arlington, TX
  • Chris & Holly Grubbs – Mesquite, TX
  • Jeremy & Denise Paul – North Richland Hills, TX
  • Wade Strzinek – Keller, TX
  • Brandon & Emily Unterbrink, Keller, TX
  • Kevin & Kristen O’Quinn – Keller, TX
  • Jackie Meyer – Southlake, TX
  • Bobby & Lucy Pegues – Midlothian, TX
  • Charley & Lana Moore – North Richland Hills, TX