Please consider praying for the people listed on this page.

Mary Adams (D)

Matthew Blain

Siena Bird

JaNae Bryant

Wyatt Brooks

Miguel Calderon

Robert Calloway

Anthony Cano

Judy Charleton

Andrea Cruz

James Del Toro

Nadia Gasca

Josephine Gisemba

Gloria Hulsey

Joseph Hobbs

Roland Johnson

Seth Johnston

Sharon Justice

Emma Lacey

Hutson Liles

Dena Luther

Ryan Lemons

Jayse Mangold

Willie Merrill

Kathy Modicue

Luna Molina

Luis Morales

Alberto Moreno

Joel Nealy

Maria de Los Angeles Varela-Rodriguez

Adrianna Nixon

Alec O’Connor

Becky Schiller

April Simpson

Alicia Strehlow

Richard Strahan

Patricia Arner Tankxley

Constance Taylor

Aiden Torres

Steven Turner

Lynn Walters

Lenisha Warr

Henry Wills

Rodney Woodruff

Jessie Zapata

(D) – deceased [pray for their family]

If you are in need of prayer, complete this form. Your request will be submitted privately to the GPF Spiritual Support Team.