Please consider praying for the people listed on this page.

Vanessa Allred

Ashley Andaverde

DeMery Anderson

Rosalind Beakbane

Brandy Blockwood

Rickey Brown

Miguel Calderon

Glenda Cantrell

George Castillo, Jr.

Danielle Chandler

Virna Chiong (D)

Luveta Clay

Megan Clifton

Caden Cohens

Winton Cupit

Tracy Driskill

Augusta Frezzell

Mildred Fuchs

Adrian Garcia

Kristen Garcia

Latasha Harrison

O T Hodge

Nicolas Hollis

Monica Jackson-Booth

Audelia Jimenez

Enell Joubert

Carlos Lopez

James Lopez

Christian Magallon

Nancy Martin

Nyla Martinez

James McBride

Gregory McCommas

Tiffany McCullers

Dinesha Mitchell

Michael McNaughton

Louis Minard

Noel Munoz

Jalysa Palmer

Lakisha Phoenix

Gulf Pompee

Da’Tavion Roberts

Robert Rodriguez

Jacqueline Skinner

John Soria

Allen Speed

Steven Stevenson

Debra Sullivan

Isabella Thacker

Terance Thompson

Aiden Torres

Veronica Whittaker

(D) – deceased [pray for their family]

If you are in need of prayer, complete this form. Your request will be submitted privately to the GPF Spiritual Support Team.