Patient is not able to work and has a family of 5. His wife is working but the income is only enough to maintain the household. Patient was under his wife’s insurance but the insurance was not able to cover a majority of the cost of treatment. Patient received a marketplace insurance but is needing help paying for the premium. The premium is $249 a month.

Two New York City EMT’s met at work, quietly fell in love and moved to Texas to pursue their dream careers and start a family. Pablo worked his way up to become a deputy sheriff, I studied to become a nurse. We both love giving of our time and attention to help others.

When Ashton our first born was diagnosed we had 6 month old baby and had our worlds were rocked to the core. Though our faith tested we had faith in God. I had to stop working and seek help from my mother so she can help with the baby as well. Ashton went from being a little social butterfly who loved school and church to becoming a anxious, nervous wreck. He goes to two different types of therapy to help with his anxiety.

We pray not just for physical health but also mental health healing for Ashton. This all played a toll on my family emotionally as well as financially but never forgetting God has control of everything. Leukemia in our son hasn’t been easy, he’s struggled along the way and of course as parents so have we but this will be all part of his testimony one day .