Your donation of $10/mo will change lives.

100% of donations made go straight to families battling cancer and other acute illnesses that can no longer afford their normal living expenses.

Our foundation has no overhead and is staffed by volunteers.

We are challenging all of our supporters from December 3 (Giving Tuesday) through Tuesday, December 31st to consider becoming a monthly donor.


The Gregg Pearson Foundation was founded in 2008 as a response to a family tragedy. Since that time, the foundation has become a blessing for many by helping others by providing financial, spiritual, and emotional support to family and friends who are dealing with cancer and other acute illnesses. Our assistance is directed towards individuals in the North Texas region.


What are you willing to give up in order to bless someone else who is fighting a battle for their life?

At the Gregg Pearson Foundation, it is our mission to alleviate the financial burden of local DFW community members who are dealing with cancer and other acute illnesses.

The individuals that we assist are usually undergoing intense medical treatments to fight their disease, and this typically effects their ability to continue working. We are here to help cover bills like their mortgage, utility bills, and traveling expenses to and from treatments.

In addition to alleviating their financial burdens, we provide spiritual support. We make it a priority to regularly pray for our beneficiaries and we hand-deliver their check so that we have the opportunity to pray WITH them.

If they do not have a church home, it is our mission to get them plugged in to a church close to their home.

We are blessed to be able to serve our community.

Rita S.
Battling breast cancer


Your $10/mo donation will help us to provide financial relief for more members of our community that are suffering with cancer or another acute illness.