Thank you so much for considering becoming a monthly supporter of the Gregg Pearson Foundation as we “honor Gregg by helping others!”  As a monthly donor, you are now part of a special group… we call it the iMPACT group.

As an iMPACT group member, you will receive some fun merchandise along the following:

  • you will become a special member of our private Facebook group
  • you will receive special videos from The Foundation giving you updates on the work being done
  • you will receive updates on the impact your monthly donation is having with our recipients
  • you will receive updates on special needs that our recipients might have beyond our normal assistance
  • you will get a short devotional to bless you
  • special email updates designated for members of the iMPACT group

Your monthly donation assists the Gregg Pearson Foundation in helping individuals dealing with cancer or other acute illnesses. Because the Foundation has no overhead expenses and completely run by volunteers, 100% of your donation goes to help those in need.

Simply choose the donation amount from the form on this page to get started.

We appreciate you willing to become a monthly donor in supporting the Gregg Pearson Foundation!