“My name is Isaiah and I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rectal cancer. My wife Jade has been with me through it all and has been a huge help! My son, Thomas, is 7 and a wonderful, smart, inquisitive young man. This has been tough on him with having lost my Dad to the same cancer recently, but he’s resilient! He’s interested in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Mario, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

My wife and I are mostly struggling with the fact I lost my job due to how long my recovery is taking and we had to sell our car to help pay for the ongoing medical bills, bills, and rent. Any gift would be tremendously appreciated…I feared the ability to provide a Christmas this year, so I am beyond grateful.”

– Isaiah- age 34
– Jade (wife)- age 35
– Thomas (son)- age 7

“I’m Jennifer, mother of Kerri, 14, and James, 12. I’m a pediatric dentist assistant, I love coaching sports, and being with my kids. Kerri loves to be outdoors and riding horses. She plans on being a veterinarian. James loves video games and soccer. He plans on becoming a video game programmer.”

– Kerri (daughter)- age 14
– James (son)- age 12

“My son, Tommy, is 2 years old and has leukemia. He’s very outgoing, and cares about everyone. My daughter, Sarah, is 6 years old and is very ambitious and cares about everyone’s feelings. She is always trying to make others happy.”

– Tommy (son)- age 2
– Sarah (daughter)- age 6

“Monnie Soto fought a hard battle against brain cancer from 2015 to 2021- after a combined total of three brain surgeries, radiation treatment and chemotherapy. He never gave up, but unfortunately the aggressive disease took his life on October 21st. This last year, his children (Hannah and husband Logan, 26, Kole, 21, Karter, 10, and grandchild, Bennett, 2) have been caring for him since his two most recent surgeries in March and through radiation and chemo treatment. It has been a difficult year to say the least, and the holidays will be very difficult without him as he was always the one to cook and gather family together. Thoughts, prayers and any support are very much appreciated. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/frisco-tx/monnie-soto-10413468”

– Karter (son)- age 10. He loves sports (especially football and baseball), and video games
– Bennett (grandson)- age 2. He loves playing outside, horses, dinosaurs, and firetrucks

[Recipient has asked to remain anonymous]

“I am a single mom of 4 wonderful kids. I work full time & go to school, trying to make a living for my children. Being a single mother is hard enough but especially when you have a child suffering from a chronic illness. My 2nd child was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 2018. She is definitely a trooper. Not all heroes wear capes & I’m definitely blessed to call my hero my daughter. Times have been rough & my little family has had numerous ups & down, but through it all we continue smiling. Every little bit helps & it definitely takes a village while raising children. My family is blessed to be a part of such a wonderful foundation. Christmas wouldn’t be possible without the Gregg Pearson foundation. God Bless ❤️” 

– Son, age 22
– Daughter, age 20
– Daughter, age 15
– Son, age 16

“My husband and I have been hit so hard this year. I have gone through stage three cervical cancer.. Had surgery and have gone through radiation and chemo. I will find out in 2 more weeks if I’m in remission. My husband was hit by a major heart attack, had surgery for swallow lymph nodes in his stomach, had a quadruple bypass. He had to go through three surgeries 2 weeks ago to repair a surgical hernia, lymph nodes removed, 5 biopsy from his stomach and to take hardware they had placed in him from his heart attack that was coming lose. He still has one more surgery to have a biopsy done because they have found a mass. Through it all we are trusting in God. He is our healer. He is our provider. He will get us through this. We are waiting on disability to come through for my husband and for me to be released to go back to work. We are staying strong and pressing into God. “