Team Endurance

Is a running and cycling group for people that want to support the Gregg Pearson Foundation by raising money through exercise and training. Our goal is to provide a purpose and passion for your training!

Are you already training for a race? Do you want to have more purpose and passion for running or cycling? Team Endurance will do that for you. As a member of Team Endurance we will give you training support and offer group runs/rides each week during the running/cycling season. In return we ask that you help support the Gregg Pearson Foundation by fundraising. We will provide you with a personal fundraising website that you can email out to friends and family to sponsor you for one of your races. This could be running your first 5k or finishing your first marathon or anything in between. The money that you raise will help support families financially who are dealing with cancer and other acute illnesses.

Help us as we “honor Gregg by helping others!”

Contact Amanda McNulty for more detailed infomation!